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Hi Brad, The pergola looks great!! It went up very nicely. Everything was well marked with no guesswork!

— Helen O.W., Rochester, MN

American’s Premier Timber Frame Pergola Kit by Western Timber Frame

We recognize the need for a quality, luxury Timber Pergola Kit that is easy to install.

Now you can upgrade your outdoor living space at an affordable price without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

There has never been an easier pergola kit to install than a kit from Western Timber Frame. With our easy interlocking corners and drop in rafter layouts, the hard work is done for you by our experienced craftsman.

We combine old world craftsmanship with the latest state of the art equipment. The result is a timber pergola kit with unmatched quality and durability that is quick and easy to install. Our unique corner system allows for a quick snap together beam to post application. This system also reduces future warping, twisting and gap exposure.

We have mastered the art of timber framing. Never has there been a pergola kit that has been easier to install. All parts come pre-cut and pre-stained.

I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a pergola.
- Thang Le & Amy Martin Sandy, UT
Go from This:Pergola Kit
To THIS in ONE afternoon!

The Highest Quality Timber Pergola Kits Available Throughout The Entire United States

Others who offer timber pergolas, kit or otherwise cut all pieces to fit without the mortised joints. Wood naturally expands and contracts with seasonal changes. This is true even in seasonally temperate areas such as Southern California and San Diego. It’s not a matter of IF the wood will expand and contract it is a matter of WHEN.

In temperate areas it may take a few seasons to notice the expansion and contraction of the wood. However, in areas where a more drastic seasonal change occurs, this can happen in just a few months.

Revolutionary Joint System Eliminates Gaps and Makes Pergola Kit Installation Simple

Notice in the picture below that the joints are beginning to separate, and gaps are starting to develop. This is after only the first season!

With that said, it is not that everyone else is doing it wrong, it was just one of the quirks you had to accept if you wanted a Timber Frame Pergola. We do things differently at Western Timber Frame. We don’t settle for the same standards most craftsman follow. We deliver perfection from first contact to the successful installation of your Timber Frame pergola Kit.

Hide Unsightly Hardware and Bolts

Our special mortised joints not only allow for a long lasting perfect joint, but it also virtually eliminates the use of unsightly galvanized brackets, hangers, and bolts. Instead, we are able to hide all of this behind the beams and rafters giving you the beautiful old world craftsmanship. Take note of the extremely tight joints that you see in all of our pictures. These joints are not the exception, but the rule for every timber pergola kit we deliver.

Easy Installation From Beginning to End.

What used to be a daunting installation only meant for professional craftsman is now a task that can be completed in one afternoon with the help of a friend or two and a few basic tools.

All Necessary Timber Pergola Kit Parts Are Pre-cut, Pre-drilled, and Pre-notched For Ease of Installation. The following is an example of material for a pergola kit (width and depth are customized for you):

  • -Timber Posts (8″x8″x 10′)
  • -Timber Support beams (4″x12″)
  • -Timber Rafters (3″x10″)
  • -Timber Knee Braces (3″x10″)
  • -Timber Shade Planks (2″x6”on top)
  • -Lags, screws and hardware to assemble Pergola
  • -Installation Manual
Mortised Joints Make Leveling a Breeze

The easy installation process begins with leveling and trimming the bottom of the posts. This allows for the tops of the posts to be the same height once they are stood up.

After the posts are trimmed and stood you simply lock the main support beams down onto the post on all sides and it will support itself! Now you are ready to level the posts and set the roof. It’s that simple!

The photo below shows the male and female ends of the mortised joints. These interlocking joints are used on the posts, beams, etc.

We test fit every single piece before we ship to ensure that your installation will be easy and fun.

Once you have leveled your posts, and if desired secured them to a footing, patio, in the ground, etc., you then insert your beams into the mortised joints, as shown below.

Slotted Drop in Rafter Layout Saves You Time and Prevents Warping and Twisting

Another unique feature that we include with every timber pergola kit is drop in rafter layouts. There are two main benefits of the drop in rafter layout. The first is ease of installation. Because the timber beam that supports the rafters is already marked and slotted you don’t have to measure anything or try to figure the proper spacing of your rafters.

However, the primary benefit of the drop in rafter layout is that it helps prevent warping and twisting of the rafters year after year. The hard work is done for you by our experienced craftsman.

3 Easy Steps to Customize Your Timber Pergola Kit!!!

#1 Select From Our Extensive Beam Profile Options

The decorative beam end profiles are at no additional cost. Something that many of our customers opt for is to send us their own custom beam end profile. This is often the perfect way to tie in some other element of your home or business. These are just some of the more popular decorative beam end profiles that you can choose from.

#2 Select From One of Our Stock Colors & Stains

Once you have selected a beam profile you can then select from one of our many stains for a truly personalized custom timber pergola.

  • Canyon Grey
  • Black Stain
  • Natural Stain
  • Rich Sequoia
  • Early American Stain
  • Rich Cordoba
  • We only use the highest quality premium grade stains. These stains are our standard colors that we have had developed based on customer feedback. As you browse our gallery, notice the examples. If you see something you like, remember that you can have it in any color you see here.

    Custom Stains & Colors

    We can also customize our stains to match existing elements on or around your home. Or, if you just happen to have a color in mind that you would prefer, we will work with you to create the perfect stain and color to ensure that your needs are met.

    #3Choose From One of Our Knee Brace Styles
    Besides personalizing your kit with decorative end profiles and stains, you also have the option of any one of our knee braces.

    Besides adding beauty and contrast to the horizontal and vertical beams and posts, knee braces add strength and durability to your pergola and help ensure that you will not have any twisting or warping throughout the life of your pergola kit.

    Upgraded Options

    Full Wrap Around Decorative Beam Profile

    Another unique feature we offer, as an add on to all of our pergola kits, is full wrap around Beam profiles. Rather than simply having the Beam Profiles on only two sides of your pergola, full wrap around Beam Profiles allow you to have decorative beam profiles around your entire pergola.

    Compare the full wrap around with the standard beam profile:

    Drill For Power – Lights, Barbecues, Grills, Outdoor Televisions & More
    Western Timber Frame also offers you the option of having your beams drilled and ready for lighting, and also installation of electrical receptacles.

    We strongly encourage our clients who opt to drill for lighting to also have us prep the pergola for electrical receptacles. A new world of outdoor living is opened up to you when outdoor electrical receptacles are installed with your pergola posts. Some of our customers have installed outdoor televisions, or created an entire outdoor kitchen complete with stonework, hearths and more. Whatever your outdoor aspirations are, drilling for power opens up many options for your new outdoor living space.

    Privacy Latices
    Privacy Lattices are a great way to offer privacy. Many of our customers also opt for Privacy Lattice on one side of the pergola that they want to shield a bit more from the sun.

    Another great use of the Privacy Lattice is for ivy, roses, or other climbing plants that you want to encourage to grow around your pergola.

    Decorative Keystones
    Decorative Keystones are one of our most popular pergola kit add ons. Keystones give an old world feel.
    Arched Beams
    Arched Beams are another way you can customize your pergola kit to suit your existing style, or simply a way to create something that is uniquely you.
    Attached to House, Covered Roof, and Radius Rafters
    Attached to House
    Covered Roof
    Radius Rafters
    Contact us Today For Your Free Estimate

    Award winning Custom Timber Pergola Kits! Choose Western Timber Frame and enjoy peace of mind, as we continue to lead the industry in quality and design. Providing the highest quality timber frame pergolas and products across the Nation.

    Call us now for a FREE pergola kit estimate and a qualified representative will give you a quick and easy design consultation. For local backyard consultations we can give you a design and price right there on the spot. You pick the style and color and we’ll do the rest.

    Western Timber Frame Owners Brad & Hyrum

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